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A solid foundation is the cornerstone of a lasting structure, and Kristin understands the profound impact that steadfast training can have. With a commitment to excellence, she has always prioritized training, recognizing its paramount importance. Now, you have the opportunity to glean insights from an industry veteran of 18 years, boasting over a decade of experience as a Casting Director for the iconic House of Mouse.


Work on your skills with copy provided to you.

Learn how to breakdown and analyze the scripts/sides you receive.

Hone your skills.

Find your strengths and your best characters.

Review previous auditions and receive direct feedback.

Perform mock auditions with feedback provided.



Receive an audition that you want assistance with? Book an audition prep session and we will work together to create a dynamic read that brings the funny and puts your best foot forward! 

Same day appointments are available, just reach out! 

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Learn techniques that will help you create unique characters and make informed choices that bring the role of a lifetime off the page, and into the booth.  

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By engaging in coaching services provided by Paiva Productions/Kristin Paiva, you expressly acknowledge and agree that any outcomes, including but not limited to bookings, are not guaranteed. Kristin Paiva and Paiva Productions offers coaching services for voiceover, which are conducted independently and are not associated with any network, project, or studio. You understand and accept that individual results may vary based on factors such as personal effort, skill level, and industry dynamics, over which Paiva Productions/Kristin Paiva exercises no direct control.

Please do not contact us with self pitches for VO work.


  • Coaching session payments should be made 24 hours prior to coaching session

  • Audition Prep sessions may be paid directly following the session

  • No Show's will be charged a full session fee

  • Please cancel with at least 48 hours notice

  • If cancelling under 48 hours a $75 cancellation fee will apply

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